Brandy Smith

I am a second generation Mulch Man customer. My parents were one of Mulch Man's original customers when they opened over 15 years ago. They absolutely love buying their mulch and stone from Mulch Man because they want to go to a place where they can talk to someone who can answer their questions professionally and in a knowledgeable fashion. Mulch Man employees always take the time to thoroughly examine the project and take care to offer quality products at a great price. Now that I have my own home it really isn't hard to know where to get the best price and best service for landscape products to make my home look great. Mulch Man is that place.

Dennis Girneys, Clayton Joseph Construction - 678 494 4929

Clayton Joseph Construction believes in excellence. We strive for excellence in every job we do and we accept nothing less. It is for that reason that we have developed a relationship with Mulch Man. We use Mulch Man to supply all our landscape product needs because they recognize that keeping our jobs on schedule and on budget is of utmost importance. The staff at Mulch Man is courteous, knowledgeable and will go the extra mile for us. Their product quality and prices are unparalleled in a very competitive market. We love the price, service and selection so much that we even use Mulch Man to supply materials on our personal projects as well.

Julio Mejia, Big Daddy Mulch

I drive over 30 miles, passing several other supply yards, just to buy my products from Mulch Man. The reason I do is because I believe they are the best. The service and pricing I receive at Mulch Man is and always has been superior; and that is important to me. They are always willing to work with me on all types of jobs using a variety of products. I really feel like when I work with them that we are working as a team. To them it's not just about dollars, it's about relationships, and when I am at Mulch Man I feel like part of their family.

Phillip Imbriano, Georgia Horticulture - 770-479-3537

I've been dealing with Mulch Man for many years and have come to rely on their prompt delivery times and vast product line to make all my landscape projects come in on time and on budget. I do many specialized and complex projects utilizing complicated delivery schedules and Mulch Man has never let me down.